This form will serve to notify the St. Christopher's School Foundation in Richmond, Virginia, that I/we have made a provision to benefit St. Christopher's.

My/our planned gift is in the form of (please check which apply):
However, St. Christopher’s and I both understand that future fluctuations/changes in the market/economy may have an impact on this current value.
Please check if any apply:
To help us administer your future gift, we would appreciate any supporting documentation or information you are willing to share, including a copy of the gift provisions to support the School and contact information for your personal representative or trustee. We understand the value and type of your gift may change depending on circumstances and would appreciate notification of such changes as they occur. Any documents or information you share will be kept confidential.

This statement of future gifts is not a binding commitment, and I/we retain the right to change or revoke this gift at any time.
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