Judy KiddFrom a young age Judy Kidd always knew she wanted to be a teacher.  She saw the care and kindness her beloved aunt, an elementary school librarian, showed toward children as she inspired a passion for books and a love for reading in her students.  Following her example, Judy earned her degree and teaching certificate and returned home to Richmond to begin her career in education.  She was thrilled Bill Griffith, Head of the Lower School at St. Christopher's, hired her to join the third-grade team. Years later, to show her appreciation Judy included a gift for St. Christopher's in her will. 

 Judy recalls, “I think Bill saw that I was excited to teach; that I would try anything to reach every student and make sure everyone was understanding a new concept or lesson. We made up songs and poems to make it fun and memorable.” Before a field trip to the Richmond capital, Judy wrote a poem about George Mason and the Bill of Rights to be recited during their visit.  For years future third grade classes would declaim the same poem.  

As Judy got married and had children, the advice of her parents to have a financial plan was always at the forefront of her mind.  When the time came to make their estate plans, Judy, and her husband, Tommy, wanted to include a gift to St. Christopher's. The Kidds have made an unrestricted bequest from their will, giving St. Christopher's the flexibility to use the funds for the greatest need. “This gift is gratitude for my first teaching job, but also in support of everything the school does really well: teaching boys. It is a school that has always stayed true its mission and has maintained traditions, such as chapel, the honor code, and Missionary Society that make it a very special place,” Judy says. 

Today, Judy and Tommy are thrilled the Saints legacy continues in their family. Their sons, T and Teddy, graduated in 1993 and 1996, respectfully, and now they have a grandson in the Middle School and one entering Kindergarten in the fall. Judy has retired from teaching, but she still looks for teachable moments to share with all her grandchildren, including a poem, or two.